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Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil Review

When I discovered UltraCell CBD Oil and the Zilis Company I was very interested in it for the business opportunity. I will go into depth and review Zilis Ultra Cell CBD as an MLM (multi-level marketing) program in a future article, but in this article I would like to review UltraCell CBD Oil as a product and discuss some Ultracell Hemp Oil benefits and drawbacks.

The Flavors: UltraCell Lemon and UltraCell Berry

I think Ultra Cell Berry and Lemon both taste pretty great when compared to other CBD oil drops. That being said, other CBD oils and tinctures taste very sharp and earthy (pssst! They taste terrible!) so the standard is set pretty low. Ultracell is sweetened with Stevia, which is a zero-calorie sweetener made from plant leaf extract that takes away most of the bitterness. While Ultra Cell Hemp may not be pleasant tasting, it is certainly miles ahead of other hemp oil brands.

UltraCell flavors their CBD hemp extract with all natural extracts either from berries or lemons. I have heard other UltraCell users and brand ambassadors debating which flavor they like better and there seems to be a slight preference for the Ultra Cell Berry CBD Oil. There are a fair number of people who like the Lemon Ultra Cell CBD Oil, and I happen to be one of them.

Ultra Cell CBD Oil Effects: Anti-anxiety and Anti-inflammatory

When you put one milliliter (one full dropper) of UltraCell CBD Oil under your tongue, the first thing you will notice is the sweetness of the lemon or berry flavor. Hold the Ultra Cell under your tongue for about 45 seconds then swallow You will notice sense of calm within minutes, sometimes even seconds. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD oil from hemp extract work very quickly and are efficiently absorbed into the system through the mucus membranes under the tongue. I know a lady who keeps a 7ml bottle of Ultra Cell Lemon in her purse for when she gets stressed out at the office or in traffic.

Personally I use Ultra Cell CBD Oil for back pain. Like many forms of pain throughout the body, inflammation is at the root of it. Inflammation can cause pain in joints and, as in my case, inflammation can cause pressure on a nerve producing a lot of pain. CBD Oil’s natural anti-inflammatory properties reduce my pain and speeding up my healing time.

Ultra Cell is a Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Ultra Cell CBD has an advantage over CBD isolates and other broad spectrum CBD oils. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains CBD plus many other cannabinoids which increase its effectiveness. This is known as the “Entourage Effect”, where all the cannabinoids from a full spectrum extract work in synergy, increasing the overall effectiveness of the hemp oil.

Full Spectrum hemp oil may contain trace amounts of THC. Legally the THC content of CBD Oil must be under 0.3%. If the THC content is high enough, it is possible (but highly unlikely) to trigger a false positive on a drug screening. Ultra Cell CBD Oil contains less than 0.0% THC, trace amounts which are well under the legal limit. Also, such a small trace amount of THC should never trigger a drug test.

Ultra Cell CBD is Water Soluble

Water soluble CBD and hemp extract has an advantage over oil-based CBD tinctures. For oral use, water soluble CBD hemp extract absorbs much quicker and fuller into the mucus membranes in the mouth than oil-based CBD oils. Another CBD buzz word they throw around is “Bioavailability”. That just means what percentage of the CBD oil will be absorbed into your body. Ultra Cell CBD Hemp Oil claims to have a 94% bioavailability rate with their proprietary technology. Some CBD experts doubt the validity of that number, but there can be no doubt that Ultra Cell’s bioavailability is very high.

The advantage of having such a high bioavailability in a water soluble formula is that much more of the CBD and other cannabinoids are absorbed into the system per dose. Oil based CBD formulas have a much lower absorption rate than water soluble CBD hemp oil like Zilis Ultra Cell. While Ultra Cell may have a lower CBD content per bottle than competitors at similar prices, more of those cannabinoids are available to the body.

Is Ultra Cell CBD Oil Expensive?

Comparing Ultra Cell CBD Oil to other CBD oils on the market, it seems more expensive. 30 mL of Ultra Cell contains 500mg of CBD, and other 500mg bottles of CBD are less expensive. However, the sticker price may be deceiving. Ultra Cell, being a water soluble CBD extract, delivers more CBD per mL than other brands. So in fact, Ultra Cell CBD is stronger than other CBD oils with the same concentration.

Ultra Cell CBD Coupon

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Benefits of CBD Oil

How Can Hemp Oil Benefit Me?

I was always a believer in CBD oil and Hemp oil extracts for their anti-anxiety properties. I’ve used CBD multiple times to calm down after a bad experience or just to relax at the end of the day. It wasn’t until I started researching Ultracell CBD Oil that I discovered a whole array of other medicinal benefits. It almost seemed too good to be true!

 The CBD Oil that makes me feel calm and takes away my anxiety, how could it be the same Hemp Oil that can take away back pain? Furthermore, I saw studies where CBD Oil and other Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts were being used to reduce pain from Fibromyalgia and other nervous system disorders. CBD Oil has even shown to reduce symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.  This Hemp Oil stuff seems to work like a miracle!

CBD Oil – God’s Vitamin?

Religious connotation aside, do you think CBD Oil is like God’s Vitamin? I was at a meeting for Zilis UltraCell CBD brand ambassadors where we met Dr. Derrick DeSilva, the Zilis Chief Medical Officer, and he named it as such. It truly seems like CBD Oils and Hemp Extracts are like a gift to mankind, capable of healing all sorts of ailments.

What’s Next for Premium CBD?

Here on Premium CBD .com I will be writing regularly about my experiences with Hemp Oil, sharing studies about CBD, and reviewing all sorts of CBD Oil products. For now, here is a short list of other conditions  that CBD Oil is reported help with:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Acne

How To Use UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil

As a long-time CBD enthusiast, it didn’t dawn on me until recently that not everyone knows how to use CBD Oil like I do. A customer e-mailed me recently asking for some basic directions for UltraCell CBD Oil, so I thought it would be to everyone’s benefit if I wrote some instructions for and shared them.

UltraCell CBD Oil Directions – Storage and Expiration

First, let’s discuss the shelf life of Ultra Cell Hemp Oil. The average shelf life of Ultra Cell CBD is 3-4 years. In looking through our own inventory of UltraCell here, as of this writing the oldest bottle we have is a Lemon Flavor Ultra Cell CBD that expires in March of 2021. Ultra Cell CBD has a pretty long shelf life, but the “best by” date is printed on every bottle.

Next, storing UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil is easy. Keep it out of direct sunlight (i.e. don’t keep it in your car!) and away from excessive heat. Also, do not freeze Ultra Cell CBD, simply keep it stored at room temperature. Furthermore, there is no need to refrigerate Ultra Cell CBD after opening.

Ultra Cell CBD Instructions – How to Use CBD Sublingual Drops

Each 1 mL serving of Ultra Cell CBD contains 16.67 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. That might seem like a small dose compared to other brands of CBD, but bear in mind that Zilis Ultra Cell CBD is water soluble. That means that the CBD and other compounds from hemp extract absorb much more fully and quickly into the body.

A full milliliter is about as much as you can fill up the included dropper with Ultra Cell. With that in mind, shake the bottle well, then fill up the dropper as fully as you can. Place the full contents of the dropper under your tongue and hold it there for at least 30 seconds, then swallow.

Ultracell CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Extract by Zilis
Ultracell CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Extract by Zilis

On Ultra Cell CBD’s new product packaging, the instructions now read, “Shake before using. Take 1 mL daily or as directed by a physician. Intended for oral use only.”

Choosing the Best CBD Cream For Pain

CBD Extracts and Hemp Oils come in many forms. You can eat it in hemp oil gummies and cookies, vaporize it in pre-filled CBD vape tanks, drop it under your tongue as a CBD tincture, even smoke CBD in pre-rolled hemp joints. We’re taking a break from our series on Ultra Cell CBD Hemp Oil to talk about one of the most popular and effective forms of hemp oil delivery: CBD Cream for Pain Relief.

What Kind of CBD Cream is Right for Me?

CBD Topicals come in many forms like salves, balms, and lotions. These products are great for the skin and have many benefits, but we’re here to talk specifically about CBD Oil cream for pain. Some websites have so much CBD cream for sale that it can be confusing for the shopper. To keep things simple for now, Hemp Oil Pain Cream is the only type of CBD cream for sale on Other CBD salves and balms are good for the skin and can reduce acne or eczema, but CBD cream for pain can reduce symptoms of arthritis, back pain, joint pain, and sore muscles.

The first thing to look at after choosing to buy CBD cream is the reason for using it. If you are looking for healthier skin with less inflammation, then CBD lotion or balm is right for you. If you suffer from arthritis pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, even pain from Multiple Sclerosis, then CBD Cream for Pain Relief is right for you.

Choosing a CBD Cream to Relieve Your Pain

If you need relief from pain – not necessarily healthier skin – and have decided to buy CBD cream online, the next decision is based on how much pain relief you require. Different manufacturers of CBD cream use different concentrations of CBD oil in topical creams. Generally, regular-strength Hemp Oil Infused CBD Cream for Pain ranges between 50 mg to about 200 mg of CBD per ounce of cream. Anything stronger than that is considered an Extra Strength CBD Cream.

For minor aches and pains, a regular strength CBD pain cream may be sufficient. Regular strength CBD creams are great at relieving muscle pain or stiffness after a workout. Also, regular strength CBD cream is ideal for relief of chronic but manageable pain. For daily use, regular strength CBD pain cream may end up being more cost effective than extra strength.

If your pain is particularly acute or severe, extra strength CBD pain cream may be best for you. CBD cream is very effective at reducing pain from inflammation, nerve pain, back pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, and more. If you suffer from chronic, hard-to-manage pain then Extra Strength CBD Cream for Pain relief may be the most effective.

CBD Cream with Lidocaine vs. Regular CBD Cream

CBD Oil is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory agents. When inflammation is reduced, pain goes away and injuries begin to heal. Now, CBD oil isn’t magic; it doesn’t kill all your pain immediately, not by itself. If you need instant relief from acute pain, then Extra Strength CBD Cream with Lidocaine may be right for you. When this kind of Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream is applied, the lidocaine goes to work and immediately numbs the affected area. The CBD oil also goes to work reducing inflammation to promote healing.

CBD Cream with Lidocaine has more powerful analgesic properties than CBD Cream without lidocaine. Depending on what type of pain you are suffering from, this can actually be a problem. Imagine having a wrist injury and using a cream with lidocaine. You may become so numb that you can unintentionally hurt yourself worse. With that in mind, please choose your CBD Cream wisely, also use Hemp Oil Cream with Lidocaine cautiously.

UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil Reviews Coming Soon

As a visible and outspoken member of Florida’s CBD and Hemp Oil distribution community, I often get asked about what hemp oil brands and cannabidiol companies I think are best. My opinion may not be the most valid, as I know some owners of CBD and Hemp Oil distributors personally, as well as some cannabidiol manufacturers. This makes my opinion on CBD companies biased, but nevertheless I’m still willing to share it.

NOTE: Ultra Cell CBD Review has been written and can be found at this link:

Ultra Cell CBD Oil Review, Part 1

Get your Coupon for Ultra Cell CBD

I want to start off this series of reviews by diving deep into a UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil by Zilis review. I will break the ZIlis UltraCell review into 3 parts. First I will review UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD as a product. How does it compare to other CBD Hemp Oils on the market?

Secondly, I will review certain aspects of the Multi Level Marketing program behind this company. Yes, Zilis UltraCell is an MLM (formerly know as a “pyramid scheme”) but that does not make their product legitimate. I will get into the details of how their compensations plan works, as well as the drawbacks I see with their particular business model. 

Finally, I will examine the makers of Ultra Cell Zilis Hemp Oil as a company and corporate entity. Stephen Thompson, the founder of Zilis, likes to refer to it as “The Pay it Forward Company”. How does Zilis and UltraCell “pay it forward”? Are they really a charitable entity, and if so what kind of work do they do?

Zilis is releasing new products under the UltraCell brand regularly, so I will try to update my reviews as I gain experience with the Zilis’s new UltraCell variations. For instance, at the time of this writing Zilis is rolling out a Full Spectrum CBD Topical Cream. I can’t wait to review that cannabidiol product, but for now I’ll stick to the flagship UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil Sublingual Drops.

What makes me qualified to review Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Hemp Oil? First of all, Zilis is the first company I began distributing and it was my entry into the Cannabidiol and Hemp Oil industry. UltraCell is also the CBD brand I use personally to reduce the inflammation in my lower back. I have used and distributed many CBD products over the past few years, but UltraCell by Zilis seems to be the one that has garnered the most attention.

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