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CBD Gummies – CBD Isolate Gummy Bears


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CBD Gummy Bears by Goldline CBD are delicious and make you feel great too! These Gummies are coated in CBD Isolate, which means they go to work almost immediately at reducing stress levels, easing away anxiety, and promoting an overall feeling of calm and well-being. Try these 25mg CBD gummies today!

Note: 8oz Jar contains approx 60 pieces, which equals to 1,500 mg of CBD Oil.


CBD Gummies – Gummy Bears by Gold Line CBD

If you are looking for high potency, extra strength CBD gummies, look no further. GoldLine CBD out of Florida has made these very strong gummies with CBD isolate which contain 25mg of CBD extract per gummy. These hemp gummies are distinct and different from other CBD edibles because instead of just being infused with CBD extract, these gummy bears are also coated with CBD isolate. This ensures that more of the CBD isolate is absorbed by the mucus membranes in the mouth, and less by the lining of the stomach. That means these CBD gummies act fast and begin being absorbed into the system before you even chew and swallow them. This produces a very strong and almost instant feeling of calmness.

CBD Gummies for Fast Acting Relief from Anxiety

Coated with CBD Isolate (which is a highly concentrated, very pure form of CBD extract), these CBD gummies go to work almost instantly, bringing down your stress level, relieving anxiety, and causing a feeling of calm throughout the body. These CBD Oil Gummy Bears made by Goldline CBD are some of the best gummies on the market. They act fast to reduce anxiety and taste great too! Another important consideration when shopping for CBD edibles of any kind is the cost. These Goldline CBD Gummy Bears come in jars of approx. 60 pieces, and at $60 per jar each CBD gummy is only around $1. One dollar per CBD gummy, event if you take two gummies per day, can be much more cost effective than expensive anti-anxiety medication. This entire jar contains 1,500 mg of CBD Isolate.

Nutrition Facts for GoldLine CBD Gummy Bears

Please note that at Premium CBD we carry the large jars of GoldLine CBD Gummy Bears. This jar contains 8oz, which is approximately 60 CBD Isolate Gummies per container.

GoldLine CBD Gummies Nutrition Facts

GoldLine CBD Gummies Nutrition Facts