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Gelato Flavored CBD Vape Oil – Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge


Gelato Flavored CBD Vape Oil by Funky Farms CBD Extracts is made in the USA from Oregon sourced hemp. This Full Spectrum CBD Vape is THC Free and has a full terpene profile. This CBD vape cartridge is wickless and has a ceramic coil, ensuring consistent vapor and a smooth flavor from start to finish. This extract is made with Supercritical CO2, ensuring that absolutely no contaminants or pesticides are in the end product. Funky Farms CBD Extracts are all lab tested to back up their claims. This is truly one of the best CBD vape oils on the market today.


Gelato Flavored CBD Vape Oil – Full Spectrum CBD Vape

Funky Farms CBD Extracts makes one of the best CBD vape cartridges available today. This Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil comes in a convenient pre-filled tank with a standard 510 thread. Just screw it on to your favorite low-voltage  vape pen battery and you’ll be ready to receive all the medicinal benefits of CBD oil. You’ll be calm, relaxed, and stress free within a few inhalations. In addition to the anti-anxiety effects, this flavored CBD vape oil is a full spectrum CBD extract. That means you will also receive all anti-inflammatory benefits, which can reduce pain of all kinds.

Funky Farms Full Spectrum Extracts – The Best CBD Vape Cartridge

As the product coordinator for, I have a lot of experience with CBD vapor, especially pre-filled CBD vapor tanks. In fact, I’ve been using CBD vapor tanks since they first came on the market. Back then, options were very limited and there were no flavored CBD vape tanks available. The old-school tanks gave me good results, but they all tasted like melting plastic. About five years later when the CBD began expanding, new innovative companies like Funky Farms CBD Extracts started making flavored distillates. Unlike traditional CBD vape juice, these pre filled, wickless, ceramic coil vape tanks contain absolutely zero Propylene Glycol. In fact, other than Full Spectrum CBD Extract, the only other ingredients in this product are Natural Terpenes and MCT Oil.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate – The Best CBD Extract in Vapor Form

If you are looking for anti-anxiety effects from CBD vapor is a great option as it has a very rapid absorption rate. Also, CBD distillate is an ultra pure form of CBD extract. CBD distillate is extracted using supercritical CO2 gas, which leaves absolutely zero contaminants in the product. Funky Farms CBD Distillate Vapor Tanks are even lab tested to back up their claims. If you would like a copy of the lab report, feel free to e-mail us at


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