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Vaporizer Vapor Pen Battery by HYPRvape


These Vaporizer Vape Pen Batteries are highly discreet and functional. These pass-thru model vapor pens do not have a button, they are activated by inhaling through an attached CBD oil cartridge. Get your vapor vape pen battery HYPRvape today.


There are many ways to consume CBD or cannabidiol extract. One of the preferred ways of consuming hemp extract is in the form of highly-concentrated CBD oils in vaporizer tanks. CBD vapor oils come in many flavors and kinds. Luckily, this pen vaporizer battery by HYPRvape is a standard size and will fit virtually all of them. No matter what brand of CBD oil you buy, no matter what flavored hemp oil cartridge you use, these ultra slim pen vape batteries are discreet and easy to use.

This style of vapor pen battery is know as a “pass-thru” style. Whereas some vaporizer batteries have a button that needs to be pressed, these vape pens by HYPR Vape are activated by the airflow of someone inhaling through the tip. Being a pass-thru vape battery without a button, this eliminates the risk of the battery accidentally activating in your pocket and burning up your cartridge.

In addition to this vaporizer pen battery being easy to use and discreet, it’s stylus tip makes it functional. You can vape your favorite CBD essential oil with this pen battery, while at the same time being productive on your smartphone or tablet. Unlike some other pen vape brands, these slim vaporizer batteries by HYPRvape will last you a long time. Unlike other pen vapor batteries which slowly lose power and reduce output voltage, this model of vaporizer battery has a capacitor in it which keeps it running at optimal voltage up until the battery dies.

These HYPRvape essential oil vapor pen batteries come with an included USB charger that will charge in any USB outlet. When you plug a dead battery into the charger, the light will turn a solid red. When the vaporizer battery is fully charged, the light will be a solid green. You’ll know when it’s time to recharge your vapor battery because the light at the tip will begin flashing.

These 280 mah vapor pen battery is compatible with virtually any type of vapor tank. Enjoy your new vape pen!