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Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil Review

When I discovered UltraCell CBD Oil and the Zilis Company I was very interested in it for the business opportunity. I will go into depth and review Zilis Ultra Cell CBD as an MLM (multi-level marketing) program in a future article, but in this article I would like to review UltraCell CBD Oil as a product and discuss some Ultracell Hemp Oil benefits and drawbacks.

The Flavors: UltraCell Lemon and UltraCell Berry

I think Ultra Cell Berry and Lemon both taste pretty great when compared to other CBD oil drops. That being said, other CBD oils and tinctures taste very sharp and earthy (pssst! They taste terrible!) so the standard is set pretty low. Ultracell is sweetened with Stevia, which is a zero-calorie sweetener made from plant leaf extract that takes away most of the bitterness. While Ultra Cell Hemp may not be pleasant tasting, it is certainly miles ahead of other hemp oil brands. Personally, I have come to enjoy the taste of Zilis UltraCell hemp extract because I know with that taste comes healing, homeostasis, and overall well-being.

UltraCell flavors their CBD hemp extract with all natural extracts either from berries or lemons. I have heard other UltraCell users and brand ambassadors debating which flavor they like better and there seems to be a slight preference for the Ultra Cell Berry CBD Oil. There are a fair number of people who like the Lemon Flavor Ultra Cell CBD Oil, and I happen to be one of them. Still, even my personal sales of Zilis Ultra Cell face-to-face and on this website show that more people overall like the berry flavor.

Ultra Cell CBD Oil Effects: Anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties

When you put one milliliter (one full dropper) of UltraCell CBD Oil under your toungue, the first thing you will notice is the sweetness of the lemon or berry flavor. After holding Zilis CBD under your tongue for 30-45 seconds then swallowing, you will notice an immediate sense of calm bordering on euphoria. The anti-anxiety properties of chemp extract CBD oil work that quickly. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, UltraCell Hemp Oil works in seconds to take away these symptoms.

One of my clients keeps a small bottle of 7ml Ultra CellCBD Lemon in her purse at all times. She tends to get terrible anxiety when stuck in traffic and uses it to alleviate her symptoms of panic, racing heart, and even shortness of breath. When these symptoms are brought on by anxiety,UltraCell works to combat those feelings almost immediately.

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UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil Reviews Coming Soon

As a visible and outspoken member of Florida’s CBD and Hemp Oil distribution community, I often get asked about what hemp oil brands and cannabidiol companies I think are best. My opinion may not be the most valid, as I know some owners of CBD and Hemp Oil distributors personally, as well as some cannabidiol manufacturers. This makes my opinion on CBD companies biased, but nevertheless I’m still willing to share it.

I want to start off this series of reviews by diving deep into a UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil by Zilis review. I will break the ZIlis UltraCell review into 3 parts. First I will review UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD as a product. How does it compare to other CBD Hemp Oils on the market?

Secondly, I will review certain aspects of the Multi Level Marketing program behind this company. Yes, Zilis UltraCell is an MLM (formerly know as a “pyramid scheme”) but that does not make their product legitimate. I will get into the details of how their compensations plan works, as well as the drawbacks I see with their particular business model.¬†

Finally, I will examine the makers of Ultra Cell Zilis Hemp Oil as a company and corporate entity. Stephen Thompson, the founder of Zilis, likes to refer to it as “The Pay it Forward Company”. How does Zilis and UltraCell “pay it forward”? Are they really a charitable entity, and if so what kind of work do they do?

Zilis is releasing new products under the UltraCell brand regularly, so I will try to update my reviews as I gain experience with the Zilis’s new UltraCell variations. For instance, at the time of this writing Zilis is rolling out a Full Spectrum CBD Topical Cream. I can’t wait to review that cannabidiol product, but for now I’ll stick to the flagship¬†UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil Sublingual Drops.

What makes me qualified to review Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Hemp Oil? First of all, Zilis is the first company I began distributing and it was my entry into the Cannabidiol and Hemp Oil industry. UltraCell is also the CBD brand I use personally to reduce the inflammation in my lower back. I have used and distributed many CBD products over the past few years, but UltraCell by Zilis seems to be the one that has garnered the most attention.